FPGEE Application


To enter for the FPGEE you either need to have: 

  • Complete a minimum 4 year Graduation in Pharmacy before January 1st 2003 
  • Or 5 year Graduate in Pharmacy after January 1st 2003 , outside USA

Step 1

Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE): This service is used by the NABP board (the board that governs the FPGE) to ascertain whether you pharmacy education is sufficiently credentialized. You will need to submit two sets of your pharmacy education documentation: 

  • The official transcript 
  • Official proof of the degree 

This needs to be sent directly to ECE with the appropriate fees. Check here for more details http://www.ece.org/nabp Applicants must request that ECE submit a copy of the General Evaluation Report directly to the FPGEC along with their supporting documentation.

Step 2

After ECE evaluation, the following documents need to be submitted to the NABP (FPGEC).

Documents required

Official Transcripts
Detailed information of subjects you studied(Optional) / Courses you completed with marks/grades issued by your principal or from university in an envelope sealed by the appropriate issuing body. ( Usually all the years subjects and marks they compile together and give it to you in a sealed envelope)

*Proof of Degree :
Photocopy of Official proof of pharmacy degree (convocation/degree certificate) must be signed/certified by principal of college where you graduated indicating date of degree awarded in writing in an envelope sealed by the same issuing official.

*Proof of Licence :
Photocopy of license and/or registration certificate must be unrestricted and certified by the appropriate government official of the jurisdiction issuing the license in an envelope sealed by the same issuing official.

*Photocopies of documents:
Certified photocopies of all other documents(like all your marks statements, birth certificate etc) are those where the words, "I have reviewed the original document and attest that this is a true and exact copy of the original" must be written directly o­n the photocopy by a notary public, and have been overlapped partially by the notary public seal. The notary must also include his or her signature. If a document is longer than o­ne page, each page must be certified.

If any document is NOT in English must be accompanied by an official word-for-word English translation, prepared and certified as correct by an official translator.

TIP : For faster processing submit 3 Sealed envelopes (Transcripts, Proof of degree & Proof of licence) , certified photocopies, photos, fees draft, FPGEE application form together in ONE ENVELOPE.

Check list for sending together in a SINGLE ENVELOPE *

  1. Degree (sealed and/or translation)
  2. School transcripts (sealed and/or translation)
  3. Licensure/Registration (sealed and/or translation)
  4. Two photographs
  5. Fees US$ (pink envelope)
  6. Notice of Receipt of Application/Registration Form Postcard (self-addressed)

For complete information om FPGEC® visit official site: NABP website

Step 3
Attend the FPGEE®

Step 4
Apply and attend for TOEFL-ibt

After passing all these exams, you will receive FPGEE® certificate within 3 months, this can be used for sitting in state board exam (NAPLEX®). Keep your FPGEC® certificate safe, you can change any state any time you wish. Few states like Florida, Michigan offering an intern permit without FPGEC® certification )

Step 5
Participate in residency or internship programs to acquire direct, "hands on" patient care experience duration of internship depending upon the each and individual state. (For complete details contact US STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY directly)

Step 6
After completing intern hours , apply for second major examination NAPLEX® (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Licensing Examination)

Step 7
You have to qualify in last but not least Pharmacy law examination .

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