How long must I prepare for FPGEE?

In our opinion, at least 2 months (4 hours/day)

Do I need to study calculations?

FPGEE contains a lot of questions on calculations, be familiar with pKa, milliequivalents, ratios, proportions, alligation, creatinine clearance, conversions, dropper rates, calories calculations, etc. Check the syllabus page for more details. Calculations are the most time consuming and carry a lot of weightage.

Are there specific topics I should pay more attention to?

Yes, pay more attention on drugs in the following categories: Cardiology, Nervous System, Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, Diuretics.

How soon is the FPGEE evaluated?

Your scores are usually sent to your state board within 2-5 days, every state board then has it's own processing time, call them to enquire if it's been more than 7 business days since you took the test.

I am going to take the exam very soon and I only just found this site is it still worth me buying the gold package?

It all really depends on how confident you are with the exam if you feel you have indepth knowledge about the all topics covered in the syllabus but you just need to practice questions, the silver course maybe best. However, if you need more detailed learning materials and tutor support we recommend more popular gold course.

I am a Pharmacist from the Philippines. I am currently working in New Zealand. I plan to take the FPGEE in CA this coming December. Do I need to go back to the Philippines as my country of origin so that i can apply to take the FPGEE or i can go straight from New Zealand to US?

No, it is not neccessary to go back to the Philippines, just try to get all the papers needed from the university you are graduated from
check www.nabp.net to find out what papers are needed.

Is my previous Authorization To Test (ATT) still valid?
Previously issued ATTs are no longer valid.

What will happen if I register and schedule for the examination and I don’t show up?
If you register for the examination and then fail to show up after you have scheduled an appointment to test, you will forfeit all fees and your FPGEC program file and record will be closed. You will need to reapply if you wish to take the FPGEE at a later date.

I have gone through past FPGEE exams and looks like the biggest piece of FPGEE is Pharmacology/Pharmacokinetics. Am I thinking it right? I am going through Lippincott's Pharmacology. Is this a good resource?

Yes that is correct, Lippincott is probably the best source for this... Also check the recommended reading section of the members only section, it is quiet revealing...
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